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5e backgrounds: Every story has a beginning and if you are looking forward to enjoying the adventure of the D&D game to its extreme, you made add some interesting 5e backgrounds to your character. The background of the character actually reveals the location from where it actually belongs to. You can view a courageous knight or a grizzled more solid to your fighter background whereas a rogue is often being displayed with a guild thief or commanded audience. In short, we can also say that the background of your character shows the complete story of your character and puts on a remark on its identity as well.

Today we are here going to address you about the different dnd 5e backgrounds and other aspects related to them. Moreover, you will be detailed about the concrete benefits here as well.

What are the Proficiencies of 5e backgrounds?

  • You can easily upgrade your character with two different skills on each addition of background to it.
  • One or more different tools are being described to each character on the addition of each background to it.
  • Characters are usually provided with a variable proficiency of the same kind in case if it acquires the same proficiency from two different sources.
  • There are for sure some backgrounds that offer characters a set of additional language for the characters to enjoy on.
  • Each set of background is featured with a package of starting equipment. Whereas if you use the optional rule where you have to spend some coins on gear and will not get the starting equipment as well.
  • You can easily find and select the different backgrounds on the basis of various suggestions as per the personal characteristics of your background.
  • You can randomly select the characteristics, can determine those randomly using roll dice, and can use suggestions to make use of them as inspiration for characteristics.
  • 5e backgrounds also offer you the facility of easy customization as well. You can easily tweak the features of the background as per your preferences so that your character can stay fit for the game. Customization is an extremely easy process here where you just have to replace features with the other ones.

5e Backgrounds for D&D

Name Features Proficiencies Tags
Acolyte Shelter of the Faithful Insight, Religion Social, Religious
Archaelogist Historical knowledge History, Survival Social, Exploration
Boros Legionnaire Legion Station Athletics, Intimidation Guild
Celebrity Adventurer’s Scion Name Dropping Perception, Performance
City Watch/ Investigator Watcher’s Eye Athletics, Investigation, Insight Social, Detection, Combat
Courtier Court Functionary Insight, Persuasion Social
Cloister Scholar Library Access History, Arcana, Nature, Religion Social, Utility
Dimir Operative False Identity Deception, Stealth Guild
Entertainer By Popular Demand Acrobatics, Performance Guild
Faction Agent Safe Heaven Insight, Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature Social, Utility
Fisher Harvest the Water History, Survival Social, Utility
Gambler Never Tell Me the Odds Deception, Insight
Gladiator By Popular Demand Acrobatics, Performance Social, Combat
Guild Artesian/ Guild Merchant Guild Membership Insight, Persuasion Social, Utility
House Agent (Cannith) House Connections Investigation, Persuasion Social, Utility
Inheritor Inheritance Survival, Arcana, History, Religion Social
Knight Retainer History, Persuasion Social, Utility
Marine Steady Athletics, Survival Exploration, Combat
Noble Position of Privilege History, Persuasion Social, Utility


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